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Who We Are

We are a company who will lead the way towards the future of space access and the economical industrialisation of the solar system. We will expedite this in an environmentally friendly manner, using the well known principles of Archimedes, Newton and Tsiolkovsky; creating a new hybrid technology, which utilises their ideas in a phase changing innovative way.

The basic overview of the business is to build a company developing our new flying craft space launch technology; that will make travel safer, cleaner, cheaper and far more efficient by scales of magnitude – that will be capable of eventually building a solar system wide civilisation. We have created this patentable technology by utilising and fully integrating the known and proven principles from Newton, Archimedes and many other great scientists in our UK patent pending and world PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) protected pending new technology.

The product is the company’s patentable intellectual property rights for a range of designs and plans for new types of SSTO (Single Stage To Orbit) flying crafts; that are capable of accessing space safely, plus being much cleaner and cheaper than all other existing systems.

The services offered will be the licensing rights to build and/or operate, buy, lease, market to companies and countries deemed fit and proper under the MTCR (Missile Technology Control Regime), the aforementioned flying crafts.

Richard is managing director of Carpe Astra Ltd. He is a civil servant, who worked in the safety industry for 15 years, and a very long time ago briefly worked in the space industry. He left the safety industry, where he was constantly solving technical and practical engineering problems, so that he could work on the project that is now published patent pending and owned by Carpe Astra Ltd.

Alex is technical director of Carpe Astra who used to work in the computing field for colleges and university's including the Sheffield Business School, where he also operated and maintained satellite dishes for its language school section. Moving into the private sector as an IT manager in the sustainable energy sector with additional duties collecting data for a scientific paper on the first solar garage connected to the UK grid.

We met at a Terry Pratchett Discworld event back in the early 2000s, and during conversation we realised that we had both, independently, come up with the same basic idea years before – for getting into space much more easily. After researching, developing and improving the idea over a number of years on a part time basis, we are now UK patent pending.

It is known that the population of Earth is growing and eventually, we feel, will have no choice but to seek to utilise the resources of the rest of the solar system for its comfort and long-term survival. The Moon was reached in 1969, but we are not there now in 2018 because of cost. We have solved the cost problem by utilising the changing environment of the atmosphere, with help from Archimedes Displacement Principle integrated with other proven scientific principles. This then will enable us to safely reach space on a much greater scale of volume and mass at a vastly reduced cost, which fully fills all the market gaps and greatly increases the market size and potential. The fully reusable SSTO (Single Stage To Orbit) flying crafts that can be produced at industrial levels, using our system will be a global market game changer for many industries, especially the energy, communications and mining sectors.