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Mission Statement

Our overall aim is to make launching large amounts of mass into space both cheaply and safely enough, to make humanity’s exploitation of space viable on an industrial scale, in an environmentally friendly and safe way.

To this end our objectives are:-

  1. Our first objective is to launch a prototype vehicle into space to prove that the technology works. We will do this by raising the capital for a proof of concept prototype through fundraising, investment and/or crowd funding.

  2. Once we have completed a proof of concept vehicle flight, we will then start second level fundraising for our next objective; the development of methods for the production of vehicles for space exploration and exploitation. This will be achieved by selling more equity in Carpe Astra Ltd. and/or licensing the patent(s), leading towards the sale of cargo space, crewed and passenger flights, and leasing or sale of launch vehicles.

  3. The eventual purpose of this endeavour, is to produce a fleet of multi–purpose, single stage to orbit, flying launch vehicles that are:
    environmentally friendly
    That can run on cheap, easily available fuels and can deliver everything from nano satellites to huge modular factories into orbit and above. That will be the work horse of the space industry for the next millennia and beyond.

  4. The ultimate goal is to provide access to space for everyone on Earth, who wants the advantages of space infrastructure – in an economic way. This should lead to true industrial and economic success, increased prosperity and the social growth of global societies – in a more cooperative and cohesive manner. This will provide the opportunity to evolve into a solar system wide, interplanetary society; with all the advantages this can bring. This will also strongly benefit those who wish to stay Earthbound, by moving heavy industry and energy production off planet. Thereby providing a safer long-term stable environment to live in on Earth.

  5. As a by-product of this new technological development, which was a major consideration and reason for developing this technology, is that it gives the opportunity to solve many of the problems facing the human race, including a solution to climate change.

An audio recording giving details of the concept is available in mp3 format; read by Dr. Pat Harkin