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Concept Vehicles

These concept vehicles are just a small example of possible launch vehicles that can take human beings into space. They are however only a rough guide to what is possible — but to make a comparison; if you think of rockets as a one-use life preserver or at best a life raft, our vehicles will be the equivalent of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s SS Great Britain. Which led to sea going vessels such as passenger liners, aircraft carriers, tankers and very large cargo vessels etc. The possible variations for our future vessels are only limited by the uses that people want to put them to.

We have separated our vehicles out into three main categories, Potent Voyager class, Coanda class and Liberator class.

Potent Voyager class

The Potent Voyager class was named after Terry Pratchett’s space vehicle, from the books The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic. We have permission to use the Potent Voyager name from Terry Pratchett and his PA Rob. The Potent Voyager class are planned for small to medium satellite launches for LEO (Low Earth Orbit) and GEO (Geostationary Earth Orbit).

Potent Voyager
Potent Voyager Potent Voyager cutaway Potent Voyager exterior
Key to diagram Cutaway diagram External View
Coanda class

The Coanda class was named for the efficiency of the effect that the vehicle is planned to utilise, which was named after Henri Coanda. The Coanda class are planned to carry large amounts of cargo,crew and passengers into space.

Launch Vehicle Habitat & Payload Three-D cutaway 1 Three-D cutaway 2 External view 1 External view 2
Key to diagram Habitat & Payload Three-D cutaway 1 Three-D cutaway 2 External view 1 External view 2
Liberator class

The Liberator class vehicles was named for the fact that they should be able to liberate the human race from the planet Earth on an industrial scale. The Liberator class are planned to carry colossal amounts of cargo, crew and passengers into space in a modular configuration. To such an extent it should be possible to lift an entire space station straight into orbit. Oddly however this means that one of the many possible configurations of the liberator class vehicles will resemble the famous science fiction star ship from the BBC series Blake's Seven.

Liberator Vehicle Potent Voyager sketch Liberator Coanda class sketch Liberator Combined class sketch Liberator Combined class sketch
Vehicle Potent
Voyager sketch
Coanda class
Combined class
Potent Voyager

All the design and build configurations, of the launch vehicles, above will require various degrees of research and development; such as wind tunnel modelling, to refine practical solutions. Although each aspect of the various scientific and engineering principles have already been proven individually.